Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Work has been busy for a change with college registration going out. My glamorous job is to stuff envelopes with information so the students will get off their butts and pay for the seats. It's funny being a cog in the squeaky public college system, especially one which I used to attend and didn't always have the highest regard for but had great times none the less. Hey, I met my husband there after all!

I do also help them register when they come in, so I'm getting pretty pro and taking monies and sticking people in the right courses. It's a change of pace and that's pretty good.

Crafty-wise, I slowed right down which sort of just happened. I started working on my Pokemon cross-stitch (saving that for another post - it's too nuts). I worked on that for over a month! Time flew by and I got so much done. Now I've started some baby quilts with fabrics I've had in my stash for a while, and these were in mind for a long time so it was nice to start something short and sweet.

No pictures yet, but look forward to a few WIP posts! I realized I technically have 8 quilts of varying sizes on the go right now. Yikes, that's a record for me. I'm usually a finisher!

Another reason for the slow down is that... We've been looking for a house! Being the perpetual renter has gotten stale. I want our puppy to roam free in a fenced yard, room to grow into a family (laaaaaaaaaaaater!!), etc. We got a pre-approval so now just to go out there and look. :)

That's all for now!

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