Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Etsy Reboot

Coming back after a near 4 year hiatus is a bitch. No sugar coating on that one. Besides having the few followers left, it is nearly like starting from scratch. I understand people un-following if there haven't been updates in forever - heck I do it too! :)

I have noticed a lot of change in Etsy though. Sellers used to be able to use forums as promotional areas but now it's very strict. It seems like they eliminated 4 boards all together and there's no "general chit chat" space anymore. Not gonna lie, I love BS forums. It's nice having a place to just meet people and talk. I admit the promotions forum was a gong show with people spamming the hell out of it.

The rules are stricter. There's a lot more sellers that look commercial or commercial quality. Competition is fierce! :)

I do really like the upgrades on the listing side though. I love that you can save drafts and publish them later. I love that you can see stats on views in one page rather than clicking through each item to see where it's at. There's even stats on how well you do! For example, they have a customer service rate where it lets you know how you stand (your rate of responding to people, how fast, etc). The selling features are pretty neat.

I just need to relearn how to promote. They do have promotions available where you pay money to get them listed in search engines. I think the base is $7.00 per month for "about 5,600 impressions" whatever that means. I'm reluctant to try it because it I need to have more quality items up in my shop before I do. I don't want to have it actually work and run out of stuff!

I want to do more social media but that is something to maintain! It's all about planning. I want to allot 1-3 hours a week on etsy - making things, listing, relisting, promoting. We will see! :)

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