Monday, 15 April 2013

The Craft Fair Aftermath

April 13th has come and gone!

Overall, the fair was a success for our group! We all made back our fees by at least doubling our money, and it was just a fun time. Of course it was a little slow being a spring show but I feel that my goal was met. :)

I had an inkling sales wouldn't be close to matching the effort put into it - think like 5+ hours a week for 4 months! Yeah, looking at things that way makes it seem kind of "meh" but I also had a lot more time to focus on the craft fair aesthetics of it all which can also be a ton of fun.

Questions like - what's the best way to display my items? How can we jazz up those hideous tables? How can we maximize wall space? These were all addressed and knocked out of the park! I feel proud of what I did, and what we all accomplished together. Somehow we managed to make cute & cuddly items look at home next to creepers and Mario! :)

I literally sold all my creeper pillows within the first hour of the fair. I should have made 10+ but I ran out of materials to finish up the pillows and got a little lazy. My bad!! For next time, I want to have 10+ done for sure. The faces are easy enough and end up looking pretty good.

It was just so funny. I tend to make things that appeal to me, as a big kid who loves her games and pokemon, so I relate to kids on that level. The kids make their laps because they get dragged to the fairs and get bored, but they always light up when they see Pikachu and the Creepers really made the kids go nuts. By the 7th lap, the kids would bring their parents along and show them, haha. Mostly they asked in private, but that the Christmas one I had kids full on begging at the table and the parents trying to be as polite as possible but basically saying "No way Jose!" haha. Soooo awkward, but in some cases hilarious.

 My friend Katy and I did a facebook PR blitz the night before, posting pictures of our booth set-up. My page ended up getting a ton of views from that! Holy cow, set a new record. :D People took business cards and noticed us! I mostly just wanted to get noticed and get people engaged in geekery.

Anyways, I'm going to post some pictures from the event!

This is from the first night when we set up. We were allowed to set up the night before and that really really helped us. We literally took the whole two hours to put our shit together, lol.

More deets on my half. Katy and her mom shared a table with similar hella cute stuff, and Sylvie and I shared the other table. She came Saturday morning to set up :) 

Closer up! The easels were awesome, and I'm lucky K & D let me borrow their black crate (damn you cheap dollar store version I bought!) and the bookmark holder! Or rather, jewelry stand lol.

There's Sylvie and her awesome goods!

Did I mention Sylvie is in the midst of starting up a quilting fabrics shop? Well she is! The blue table runner in the center (floral deep wonderful blues with gold accents - something by Robert Kaufman, I forget the name sorry!) is one Katy made as demo for her home based shop :) It's wonderful!

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